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Fiance Visa Thailand

A K1 Fiance Visa is one of the fastest and most effective ways of bringing a Thai fiancée to the United States in order to get married and then obtain permanent residence. Currently, the US fiance visa is taking at least 6 months to obtain for a Thai fiancée. Many people wish to know why the fiancé visa obtainment process takes so much time. Simply put: USCIS has a very large caseload to adjudicate and as a result K-1 visa applications can take some time before they are approved. Generally where the Thai-American couple meets the K1 Visa requirements their application will be approved.

The K1 Visa Requirements

In order to qualify for a K1 Fiance Visa, the Thai-American Couple must meet the requirements as set forth in the US Immigration and Nationality Act. The basic requirements are:

The petitioner for a K1 Fiance Visa must be a US Citizen. Lawful permanent residents are not legally allowed to petition for a K1 visa.

The Thai fiancée and the American Citizen must have met at least one time in the 2 years preceding the filing of the I-129f petition (the I-129f is the application form for a K1 Visa).

The US Citizen applicant must be able to meet certain financial requirements to support the Thai fiancee and sign an affidavit of support.

The Thai fiancée and the US Citizen must be legally able to marry meaning that they must be either single, widowed, or divorced.

The relationship between the US Citizen and the Thai fiancée must be bona fide

The Thai fiancée must not be legally inadmissible and thus barred from entering the United States.

The K1 Visa Application

In order to bring a Thai fiancée to the United States the US Citizen must file and I-129f petition and pay a filing fee of $455 USD. After filing and paying the necessary fee the US Citizen applicant will receive a receipt known as Notice of Action 1 which states that USCIS has received the K1 application.

The K1 Fiance visa has been utilized by many Thai-American couples for travel to the USA. The above information is not intended as an exhaustive explanation of the K1 visa and all it entails, but merely is meant to give general information for those interested in applying for a K1 visa. Bringing a Thai fiancé to the United States is a serious undertaking and those looking to obtain a K1 visa should contact a licensed US Immigration attorney to assist with the visa obtainment process.

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