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United States Tourist and Visitor Visas from Thailand

Each year many people from Thailand wish to travel to the USA for recreational purposes. For these people a US tourist visa is the best way to take a visitor to the USA.

The US Tourist B2 Visa (also known as a visitor visa) is one method among many of bringing a Thai loved one to the United States in order to visit or take a vacation. In Thailand, tourist visa applications are being approved at a far lower rate than in the past. One reason for this may be the fact that in the past Thai visitors applying for tourist visas were misusing the visas by using these travel documents in order to bypass otherwise long lines for family and employment based visas.

Intending visitor and tourist visa applicants should show strong ties to the United States and thus overcome the statutorily prescribed presumption that visitor visa applicants are intending immigrants to the United States. The statute that prescribes this presumption is section 214 (b) of the American Immigration and Nationality Act.

To accomplish the goal of overcoming the statutory presumption of immigrant intent, tourist visa applicants must show that they possess “strong ties,” to the Kingdom of Thailand and “weak ties” to the United States.

  1. Employment in Thailand can be a major determinant with regard to tourist visa application denials
  2. Business ownership in Thailand would be another factor that a consular officer would weigh heavily in favor of granting a tourist visa application
  3. Property ownership in Thailand or another country besides the USA, would go far in establishing strong ties to Thailand for purposes of US visitor visa application
  4. Community initiatives, social engagements, and/or political involvement on the part of the Thai applicant for a Tourist Visa
  5. A serious Cirriculum of study that the Thai applicant would need to complete. This is particularly useful as evidence where the course of study could not be completed in any other country, but Thailand.
  6. Please be aware: US Tourist Visas and/or US visas for visitors should NOT be used by those with Immigrant intent. This includes Thai fiancées and Thai wives. In the case of a Thai fiancée a K1 fiancee visa is the proper visa for US Immigration. In the case where a Thai wife or spouse is the intending immigrant either a CR-1 or IR-1 Visa conferring immediate permanent residence or a K3 Marriage visa should be utilized for a Thai spouse.

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